We are an extension of your team.

JMW Digital is a full-service ecommerce partner that acts as an extension of your current business help make the necessary steps to scale your brand.

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Our Mission

We started with a single mission: Help brands grow

We're passionate about helping Fashion & Footwear brand owners succeed. We know firsthand the challenges of scaling a business, having built and scaled our own eCommerce business in the luxury footwear sector.

That's why JMW Digital can offer a proven blueprint for success to help fashion and footwear brands like you scale whilst avoiding making the same mistakes we did. 

If you want to take your brand to the next level, look no further. 

Our team of fashion eCommerce experts deep-dive into your operations including your Shopify setup, tech stack, marketing integrations such as Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, Google, Klaviyo etc, tracking, attribution settings, creative testing frameworks and more to uncover areas for growth potential. 

Our Story

The story behind our Marketing Agency

Founded First ecommerce brand

In 2018 our CEO Jason launched his first ecommerce business in the luxury footwear space

Grew The company became a national brand

In 2019 LUSSO Footwear became a widely recognised and established brand

Expanded Demand for advice

In 2020, due to the success of LUSSO Footwear, other brands and retailers reach out to Jason for help

JMW Digital Agency was born

In 2021 JMW Digital began working with our first clients and developed the JMW Blueprint

Established Sector Specialist

In 2022 JMW Digital is regarded as one of the leading fashion, footwear and D2C digital marketing and ecommerce agencies in the country

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